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With the ownership of Kale Group and collaboration of Turkish Informatics Foundation, we have completed the 1st Phase of Canakkale Smart City Transformation Project that was run with the mantra of “Moving on to the Smart Future of Canakkale” on 31st of May 2017 in Canakkale. The Project aims to increase the liveability and sustainability and competitiveness level through Smart City transformation.

We’ve launched the main findings, proposed Smart City Visions and Smart Solutions of the project through a Press Launch Event where Governor of Canakkale Orhan Tavli, Mayor of Canakkale Ulgur Gokhan, CEO of Kale Group Zeynep Bodur Okyay, President of Turkish Informatics Foundation Faruk Eczacibasi and Co-Founder of NOVUSENS Smart City Institute Berrin Benli delivered speeches about Smart Cities and the Canakkale Smart City Transformation Project. The event had got high interest in both national and local press news and social media.

We’ve conducted the project having literature searches (local and worldwide), series of field visits, Smart City Survey, Smart City Seminars, Smart City Search Conferences by the strong collaboration and ownership of all the main stakeholders of Canakkale. We’ve made a current situational analysis that contained main challenges and needs of Canakkale , potential smart solutions, proposed Smart City Visions and Smart City Roadmap of Canakkale.,DP-1126.html


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