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Smart City Institute of NOVUSENS was established by Berrin Benli on February 2014 in Ankara. It is an independent ‘THINK TANK’ organization developing innovation policies and strategies, using high technologies to increase the life quality of the people, focusing on new opportunities to contribute economic growth, developing new innovative models to shape the future to have better lives, making research studies, delivering professional consultancy and training services in Turkey and abroad.


Smart City Institute of NOVUSENS aims to contribute to the transformation of Smart Cities and building up new ones in which we love to live in patterned with social, cultural and history supported by high technological infrastructure through unique and value added solutions by PPP model to achieve ‘Citizen Satisfaction and Happiness’.


Smart City Institute of NOVUSENS aims to accelerate the Sustainable Development of Smart Cities of Turkey and abroad.


NOVUSENS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute

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    Adres: 1328. Sok. ABC Plaza, No:9/6
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