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Smart City Institute of NOVUSENS presented Turkey Smart City Assessment Report at Smart City EXPO World Congress organized between 15-17 November 2016 in Barcelona!

Cities For CitizensSmart City Assessment Report of Turkey has been published in March 2016 with the leadership of Turkey Informatics Foundation, designed and implemented by NOVUSENS Smart Cities Institute with academic support of ITU Computer Engineering and Informatics Faculty, commissioned by MasterCard Turkey and Intel Turkey. The Project resulted in a deep Current Situational Analysis of Turkey in Smart Cities where the scope covered Energy, Transportation and Water domains, related challenges and opportunities. The next phase of the project will focus on a Smart City Roadmap and Strategy for Turkey.

We call a city smart if it invests in information and communication technologies to make use of its limited resources in a more efficient and productive manner; saves as a result of these investments; enhances the quality of services and lives based on the savings; reduces the carbon footprint left on nature; respects the environment and natural resources and; makes all these happen with innovative and sustainable methods.



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