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Smartup İstanbul Symposium held in İstanbul on 6th of April, 2016!

The researchers, government and private industry managers and professionals came together in İstanbul Sehir University with the collaboration of İstanbul Technical Univeristy TTO and İstanbul Sehir Univeristy TTO to evaluate the current situation of İstanbul, the newly developed products and solutions and the collaboration opprotunites before competition through Smart City outlook.

  • The topics have been covered mentioned below:
  • Could Smart City Cluster be established in İstanbul?
  • What are the roles of University, Private Industry, Government and NGOs?
  • What are the research studies and assessments performed by the Panelists?
  • What are the Cluster proposals?
  • What can we do with University, Private Industry and Government collaboration?
  • Which technologies are being used in Smart Cities?
  • How the future of the cities be shaped?
  • What are the intersections of Smart Cities with Social Sciences?

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