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With the ownership of Kale Group and collaboration of Turkish Informatics Foundation, we have completed the 1st Phase of Canakkale Smart City Transformation Initiative that was run with the mantra of “Moving on to the Smart Future of Canakkale” on 31st of May 2017 in which the aim was to increase the liveability and sustainability and competitiveness level of the City of Canakkale through Smart City Transformation. On 5th of December, we’ve launched and distributed the Report of the Smart City Tranformation Project of the 1st Phase at Hello Tomorrow Conference hosted a high interest and participation.

We’ve held Press Launch Event right after the Hello Tomorrow Conference - in which many reporters from the press,CEO of Kale Group Zeynep Bodur Okyay, President of Turkish Informatics Foundation Faruk Eczacibasi have attended. We’ve presented our report that included the main findings, smart city vision, smart city solutions proposals and the road map of the whole Canakkale Smart City Transformation project and answered the related questions of the press. The Project Launch attracted high interest in national press and social media as it will potentially be a role model for all the other cities of Turkey and abroad.

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ÇANAKKALE'yi akıllı şehir yapma hamlesi
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Bodur ve Eczacıbaşı akıllı şehir projesinde el ele
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Çanakkale 'akıllanıyor'
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Çanakkale 'Akıllı Kent' türküsü yakıyor!
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Akıllı Şehir’de İlk Adım
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Aklım Fikrim Çanakkale projesi tamamlandı
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“Aklım Fikrim Çanakkale” projesinin ilk aşaması tamamlandı
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