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Novusens hosted “Digital Transformation and Smart Cities” session of the “Eastern Anatolian 1st ICT Conference” as a Strategic Partner!

With the main theme of “Future Technologies and Business Solutions” and the slogan of “ICT is everywhere”, “Eastern Anatolia 1st ICT Conference”, all the local and national organizations , Ministries, government agencies, Sectoral NGOs, private industry companies, regional companies, municipalities, techno parks, universities came together at Elazig Akgun Hotel on 9-10 of March, 2017.

Due to the high volume of public investment is being planned in this region, the right approaches to these investments, assessment of technological infrastructures in investments, the presentation and exhibition of products and services of the participating companies have been targeted.

Novusens has been Strategic Partner by hosting the “Digital Transformation and Smart Cities” session of the Conference. Benli, Co-Founder of Novusens Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, stated that “It’s a great pleasure contributing to the development of the Eastern Anatolia Region which includes 20 provinces, and attracting the attention to the importance of Digital Transformation and Smart Cities onto it. We do hope to achieve this transformation through the strong PPP collaboration by common sense. We’ll continue to support the Conference in the years to come with pleasure…”


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